Ryan Stramrood

Adventurer and inspirational speaker

Keynote insights

  • Push Past Impossible
  • Be the Game Changer
  • Overcome the fear of adventure
  • Set Goals against the Odds
  • Try and you will Learn
  • Live extraordinarily in all aspects of your life

Who am I?

I am Ryan Stramrood: South African, Small Business Owner, Family Man and Average Joe.

However my hobby is Ultra Extreme Open Water and Ice swimming, and for deeply personal reasons, I have undertaken some of the world’s most extreme challenges. Pushing my limits and human boundaries in our planet’s most inhospitable places.

Following painful, pioneering training techniques and using what limited resources I can find to put basic safety procedures in place, I challenge myself by pushing personal limits for swimming in ice water, and often set new benchmarks for human endurance.

No wetsuits or protection from the cold water – Speedos only. My adventures, world first achievements and the often death-defying circumstances, make for brilliant tales of human spirit and victory.

Inspirational Speaking

I take my audiences on a journey with me. Through story telling and strong visuals, I illustrate just how limited and governed we all are, in every aspect of our lives, by believing in our own limitations.
How we under achieve in our comfort zones and how each and everyone of us can push past impossible


As the founding members of the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA), we wanted to achieve an official world first Ice Mile south of the Antarctic Circle.
As one of the three who completed the challenge, out of the six making the attempt, the lessons I learned from pushing myself so far beyond what nearly everyone believed to be impossible, have helped me to understand the power of the human mind and it’s propensity to hold us back.
The psychological anxiety from the Leopard Seal’s we stood to encounter on this challenge, on top of an impossible distance in minus 1°C water, made this a pivotal challenge for me and the focus of my primary keynote talk.

“I travel the world and attend conferences across the globe as well as in South Africa. I see the best of the best in main platform speakers and guest speakers but I was astounded and inspired by Ryan Stramrood. When I was fortunate in Jan 2015 to see him present in KZN on one of his favourite topics I was mesmerise and felt like I was right with him in Antarctica, could feel the cold go through my body and veins and felt his pain.

Ryan is an amazing and incredible story teller and presenter! He will take you with him all the way and make you part of his storyline. I can highly recommend corporates and any other entities to make use of Ryan to inspire and motivate their employees, teams and management or memberships of affiliations. Ryan is also one of the nicest personalities around and easy to deal with. WOW!”

Kobus Kleyn, Financial Expert and MDRT Country Chairman, Liberty Group

“Although I am literally asleep at the keyboard, I could possibly go another minute without telling you how stunning Ryan was yesterday. You have to see him to believe it! At one stage I was in tears! The audience could not get enough of him.
He is very special – a true mensch. Salt of the earth type! He speaks Beautifully – he is funny – he is modest He deserves everything that the good universe has to give.” 

Ana-Maria Valente, PA Federation South Africa