Tim Slatter

Tim Slatter has been the director and owner of timslatter.com for over six years and is at the forefront of supporting financial planners and advisors (IFAs, franchises and brokerages) to stay in touch with their clients through the creative use of their website, blogs, newsletters and social media.

Tim’s passion is helping people communicate authentically, with a focus on internet based identity and online branding. His expertise is far more varied and covers all aspects of online communication and branding or ORM (online reputation management); some highlights being brand articulation, skilled writing, blogging, social networking, public speaking, website consulting, design and development and SEO and SMO.

For five years Tim’s team have been working with financial planners to create, build and sustain their online presence through the creative use of their website, emails and social media and by thinking about these points:

If you could sit down with every prospect, you’d most likely be able to turn them into a client. But most of the time – you don’t get to sit down with every prospect. Before they even meet you they will; Google you, Facebook you, try and connect with you on LinkedIn, ask their friends about you and check out your website.

If sitting in front of that person is your strength, what does Google have to say about you? When last did you check your online brand and communication channels? Does your website look the way you want it to look? Have you published a blog or post in the past six months?

How many clients are you losing because you don’t get to meet them face-to-face, and you can’t stay in touch with them because you’re too busy keeping your business on a steady?